Fist Things First: Your one-stringed instrument does not need to be tuned precisely, unless you wish to accompany another instrument. Each note (Fret) is relative to the other frets on the scale. This is one of the great advantages of the Diatonic scale with one string. We recommend that you increase tension on the string (higher sound) until it does not buzz, and play away.

If you tune your instrument too high, you will put undue stress on the string and can. The result may be a broken string, or deformation of the can.

Other Notes:

C# is optimum for most Canjos and one-string guitars.

We recommend that you do not tune above E1. E1 is the normal tuning for a 6 string guitar of the smallest string.. Your canjo or guitar has been provided with a string of diameter .012 inches, unless otherwise requested. You can experiment with other strings. Keep in mind that the larger diameter of the string , the lower you can tune without exceeding the maximum tension supported by the string. Individual strings can cost less than $1 at the music store.

A Cromatic tuner is very helpful when tuning your Canjo. The Korg CA30 or CA40 are good choices.

Problems with your Instrument?

If you have problems with your instruments we would like to help. Email us with  your issue.


Arpy Stringworks on Youtube

for information concerning:

Changing or replacing your string.

Using the RP1 Handpress Adapter.